Here is how to look at a wedding from a musical perspective:
  • Prelude
  • Ceremony
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Dinner
  • First Dance
  • Party!
Our packages give you different ways to enjoy live music: Ceremony Most people associate live music with the ceremony. It starts with the prelude, as your guests arrive for the ceremony. If you choose to have live music for the ceremony only, remember it is mainly your guests who will enjoy it, because you will be busy getting ready during the prelude, and the ceremony will be over before you know it. Cocktail Hour You can enjoy more of the live music with an additional hour right after the ceremony. As you take photographs and mingle with your guests, you will hear a blend of music from genres you have chosen. A great transition point to recorded music Ceremony + Cocktail Hour + Dinner Including live music during dinner creates an elegant atmosphere of musicians playing in a corner. If you have a historically-themed wedding, this works especially well. You can transition to recorded music after dinner, when you may prefer pop music for dancing. First Dance If you have D'n'A play during dinner, consider having us play for your first dance. Especially if you want a simple waltz, we can select music perfect for the tempo and mood you'd like to create. This could be your final moment of live music as you transition to recorded pop music. Entrances Sometimes couples want a special piece of music as they make their entrance at the reception or dinner. This could be a repeat of one of the pieces from the ceremony, or a different piece that reflects your personality, the spirit of the wedding, or your cultural heritage. It can be serious or fun. Cutting the Cake Because it doesn't involve talking, choose a specific piece of music while you cut the cake!