PRATIQUE   (vocabulaire, compréhension orale, grammaire)  La Prononciation Verbes réguliers Faire / Jouer   (activités, le temps) Expressions avec avoir  Verbes irréguliers La Santé Aller   (destinations, directions) En ville La Cuisine Le Passé Verbes composés Verbes réfléchis large painting from Musée d'Orsay in Paris of Victorians in a park PROJETS les présentations la météo les activités la santé Les directions le passé composé les verbes réfléchis   You're a Mid-Beginner (Mi-Débutant) if you know a few words, expressions and verbs to get by in short conversations. Maybe you had a French class a few years ago, or maybe you just picked up a little from traveling, books or audio CDs. You don't need to go back to the absolute beginning, you need to start from your current knowledge base. With Amey, there are many offerings at this level.
  • Conversational class to develop your basic language skills with common vocabulary in present, past and future tenses. Strong emphasis on speaking, but also includes cultural readings and oral comprehension activities. Grammar practice. (1.5 hrs/session)
  • Language class focused on learning basic vocabulary and verbs in present, past and future tenses. Strong emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension.  (2 hrs/session)
  • Cultural days focused on a specific topic of relevance to French history or culture. For the Mid-Beginner level, conducted in simple French or English with handouts covering French vocabulary.