Check out these fun sessions to practice French! Send a message through the contact page to register. All events held at French With Amey, at Island Park Professional Park in downtown Springfield. (A. St. off Mill dumps directly into the office complex).  

La Cuisine

Thursday March 9     1:15-2:30pm    $18 Thursday March 30    1:15-2:30pm   $18 Get comfortable making conversation at a café, boulangerie, market, grocery store, restaurant, hotel and someone's home.

Le Transport

Tuesday March 21   1:15-2:30pm   $18 After this class, you'll be able to use French trains and the Paris métro with ease and confidence!

French for Antiquing

Friday March 24 1:15-2:30pm $18 Learn about different styles of French furniture and historical time periods while practicing numbers, years, nationalities, colors and other adjectives to describe household items and furniture. A fun "Antiques Roadshow"-style setting!

Le Métro à Paris

Monday March 27   4-5:15pm   $18 Have fun with the subway system in Paris! Practice correct pronunciation of the station names, buying tickets, and getting around on the system.   You can schedule your own class too! Browse the listings below, then send a message through the contact page with your desired time frame. You can submit your own idea for a completely unique class too. You can attend individually, or arrange one as a fun activity for a group of friends (any age). Makes a great birthday idea! Courses are 1.5-2 hours, and can be held at a different location on request. Fee structure: 
  •  2 attendees:  $25/person
  •  3-5 attendees:  $18/person
  •  6-8 attendees:  $15/person

Workshop Choices

Themed French    (Great introductions to basic French pronunciation, while learning about French culture and common French vocabulary on a specific theme. Conducted in French or English, depending on participants' preference.) 
  • Culinary French  
    • Emphasis on French food words used in cooking. Can be organized as a potluck. Does not include actual cooking.
  • Restaurant Menu French 
    • Common words traditionally found in French menus. Includes restaurant etiquette and descriptions of French regional dishes. Can be a potluck.
  • Wine Label French 
    • Read and pronounce any wine label with ease! Covers traditional French wines and regions.  Can be a potluck and/or wine tasting.
  • French for Antiquing
    • French words associated with antiques. Includes a brief overview of French historical time periods and styles.
  • French for Fashion  
    • Common French words using in sewing and the world of fashion.
  • Crossword Puzzle French 
    • Correct pronunciation and meanings of those common French words typically used in crosswords!
Travel (Short sessions to prepare for your trip. Usually conducted in English.) 
  • Your Trip to France
    • Tips to help make your trip uniquely suited to your needs and interests. Topics covered as requested by participants:
      • itineraries
      • sightseeing
      • dining
      • packing
      • shopping/souvenirs
  • Sightseeing in Paris 
    • Unique ways to catch the key attractions and lesser-known sites. There are so many parts to Paris, let's make your trip match what you want to do!
    • Day  & Weekend Trips from Paris
      • Learn about the many destinations within easy train distance from Paris to get a more full experience from your France trip.
  • Transportation in France
    • Foot, car, train, bus, bike, boat...
    • Can specifically cover driving in France so you'll be ready to tackle the roads with less stress!
  • Regional Focus   (personal choice) 
    • Provence, Burgundy, Alsace, Loire valley, Normandy, Brittany, Dordogne, Pyrenees, Basque country, Corsica...
  •  The Ultimate France Prep Course 
    • Organized as multiple sessions (typically 2-3 or 3-5) to cover travel planning and essential language expressions necessary for a meaningful experience in France.
    • You can create your own class with a combination of different material from other workshops too.
  •  Other French-speaking Regions  (personal choice) 
    • Belgium, Switzerland, Québec, French Caribbean, Africa...
  • Travel for Language Study
    • Studying French in France
    • Studying French in Québec
    • Studying French in Africa
Language  Targeted focus on specific language structures. Just one session and things can be clear! 
  •  Essential French Phrases
  •  Basic Verbs & Questions
  •  Passé Composé
  •  Imparfait
  •  Subjonctif
  •  Replacing Pronouns  (lui, leur, y, en,....)