Evening Classes Fall 2017

These classes are through Lane Community College at the downtown center in Eugene, now called the Mary Spilde Center (after the past LCC president, now retired). The building is on 10th street, between Charnelton and Olive, right across from the library and the bus station. Register directly through LCC for these classes: www.lanecc.edu/ce a tree with brilliant red leaves


French for Travel & Conversation

Wednesdays  Sept 6–Nov 8  6-8 pm   $105 Get ready for a trip or just speaking with friends! Emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension for really communicating in basic conversations. Great for all ages and anyone wanting to learn a little French. Packet provided.

Brush Up Your French

Mondays  Sept 25–Nov 13   6-8 pm   $105 Develop your speaking, listening comprehension, vocab and grammar with songs and conversations. We'll work on present tense of common regular and irregular verbs, review passé composé and imparfait, and practice key vocab for everyday conversations. Engaging, fun, useful and meaningful. If passé composé and imparfait don't mean anything to you, then this class isn't right for you. If those words scare you, this is EXACTLY the right class for you!!! You'll gain all the confidence you need to really understand them. Perfect even if you've only had one term of French before.

The Language of French Food

Thursdays Nov 30 & Dec 7  6-8 pm   $35 A fun way to learn some French, right around the holidays, when everyone is focused on food. You'll learn correct pronunciation, so you'll be able to say any word you encounter on a menu, recipe or wine bottle!