Textbook Sequence Amey has designed three sequential French textbooks for independent or supervised language study: Débutant, Intermédiaire, and Avancé.  Each book features an audio cd program, which can be used in conjunction with the book or on its own to review pronunciation or practice listening exercises. Book 1 (Débutant) is designed for those with little or no French.  The text builds language skills gradually, developing your ability to engage in conversation.  The text features listening, writing, speaking and reading activities on a variety of cultural topics.  Perfect in preparation for traveling, as a refresher for students or adults, or to jump-start a college program. Book 2 (Intermédiaire) introduces more grammatical structures and all the common tenses in conversation.  It is a continuation of Book 1, but for those with some knowledge of French, it is possible to jump straight into Book 2.  Listening activities throughout the text cover aspects of daily life in both France and Belgium.  A project to learn about a French-speaking country throughout the book applies language in a real context.  Perfect for anyone wanting to continue their language skills. Book 3 (Avancé) covers all the tenses and grammatical structures used in both spoken and written French.  This text is ideal for those with a goal of reading, writing and conversing comfortably in French in all contexts. French With Amey, Book 1: Niveau débutant (book & audio cds):  $30 French With Amey, Book 2: Niveau intermédiaire (book & audio cds):  $30 Book 3  forthcoming.... To order, go to the Contact page and send me a message, or call me. No other text program like this is available in this price range! a house in southwest France