Parlez-vous français ?

Want to learn French, or bring back your skills from a few years ago ? Amey will get you really communicating through a variety of options and fun methods. Classes typically have no more than 5 students, guaranteeing individualized attention and opportunities to speak. There are evening and daytime choices, and individualized plans if you'd prefer to work on your own or nothing fits your schedule. You can also create your own class if you have a group of 3-6 people. The French With Amey center is in the Island Park complex, which is in downtown Springfield between A & B streets off Mill. (See directions below.)

Conversational Classes

Build your speaking and oral comprehension skills through games and listening activities focused on common grammar and vocabulary. Topics and material covered based on level and interest of class participants. The Mid-Beginner level is focused on making simple questions and statements in present and past tense, using common regular and irregular verbs. The Intermediate level is focused on communicating for longer durations in French. Emphasis is on using a wide variety of vocabulary and common grammatical structures.

Summer 2017 

    • Tuesdays  10:30-noon  June 27--Aug 29  $130
    • Thursdays  10:30-noon  June 29--Aug 31  $150
    • Mondays 12:45-2:15  July 3--Aug 28  $130
    • Tuesdays 1-2:30  July 25--Aug 29   $100
    • Fridays 10:30-noon  July 7--Aug 25   $150   
  • HIGH INTERMEDIATE                                                                  
    • Mondays & Wednesdays   10-11:30   July 3--Aug 30  $200
    • Tuesdays  8-9:30am  June 20--Aug 15   ~$75
    • This class is through River Road park: (
Ready to register ? Send a message through the Contact page with the following information:
  • your name
  • the class you'd like to take
  • your previous experience with French
  • any specific goals / purposes for your French study

Where is the French With Amey Center ?

In the Island Park Office complex in downtown Springfield, between A & B streets off Mill. The official address is for all buildings within the complex (175 W. B St.). See more specific directions below. Look for the French flag signs to guide you to the center, next to Options Counseling. The bus station is just 4 blocks away, with easy access to the full LTD and EMX networks. Easy access to bike paths through Alton Baker park. From Franklin Boulevard: Take Franklin Boulevard to Springfield, then turn left immediately after you cross the river, onto Mill St. Go one block, then turn left into the parking lot (also marked A St.). Look for Walton Chiropractic on the left.) There is construction on Franklin Boulevard, but it does not effect these directions, it may just be a little slow sometimes.  From I-126: Take the Springfield City Center/Pioneer Parkway exit, then go south on Pioneer Parkway. (South is a right turn if you are coming from Eugene.) Turn right on A St., cross Mill, and you’re directly in the parking lot.   Learning with Amey  Whether your reasons are academic or social, for business or for travel, you have a certain motivation to learn French.  Amey believes that everyone can learn French: no matter your age, prior difficulties or perceived inabilities.  A willingness to try and acceptance of a few mistakes along the way are all you need to succeed.  Amey breaks down the language into its basic components, then builds a strong foundation, which will help you engage in real conversation with a variety of speakers. Phrasebooks have long been popular with tourists to "get by" in a foreign country, but their phrases typically use complicated grammar, and slight mispronunciations lead to big misunderstandings.  Amey teaches basic expressions, but also gives you the tools to build your own questions and sentences, so you can navigate more effectively in real-life interactions.  Learning this way requires no more effort than trying to memorize the meaning and pronunciation of many expressions. Interested in taking a French class or want private lessons?  Lessons make a great anniversary or birthday present for any  francophile in your lifeGift certificates are available for lessons, classes or translation services. With a small group of friends (at least 4), a class can be scheduled just for you, at any level and covering any topic. Send a message through the Contact page with your request! French classes taught by Amey engage all participants in speaking, listening, reading and writing through a variety of interactive, fun and realistic activities. Exercises focus on speaking and writing activities with realistic applications so you can communicate about your life. Small class sizes (averaging 3-6) ensure personalized attention and allow for adaptation to the group's level(s), needs and interests. Everyone always has fun and learns a lot with Amey ! street signs in a small French village French With Amey offers a wide selection of classes each term suitable for both students and adults, at several levels. Classes are held through a variety of different locations in the Eugene/Springfield area. Send a message through the Contact page if you are interested or have any questions. Not all classes are offered each term, but a class can be arranged with 4-5 people.


Beginning French   (10 sessions)                   A first course perfect in preparation for traveling, as a refresher for students or adults, or to jump-start a credit program. Partner activities simulated real-life situations to develop your ability to engage in conversation.  Listening, writing, speaking and reading activities to cover a variety of aspects of daily life, and culture in France and French-speaking countries.                                          Intensive Beginning French  (8 sessions)                                                                         A more limited approach to get comfortable using the most crucial French to engage in conversation for traveling or communicating in limited situations. More focused on building the essential elements of the language, so you will learn more than typical guidebook traveler's expressions.                                                                                               Conversational French     Develop your speaking, writing and oral comprehension skills with activities focused on French culture. You'll be better prepared to discuss many topics in future conversations with French speakers! Offered at several levels: Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Intermediate. Advanced French                                                                                                                           A course designed for those with a goal of reading, writing and conversing comfortably in all contexts.  Covers all tenses and grammatical structures used in both spoken and written French and reviews them as they appear in course text.
Trip Planning Seminar   
Seminar on preparing for travel to France and/or Europe.  Topics include: regions of France and/or Europe, planning an itinerary, lodging, transportation, cuisine, packing, and basic language expressions (in French and other relevant languages).  Emphasis on unique places not usually covered in guidebooks and other tourist programs.  Can be taught in one day, two days or three sessions.
Wine Label French                                                                                                                      A fun way to learn the basics of French pronunciation with an emphasis on words found on wine labels. Cultural explanations of wine vocabulary and background on French pronunciation. Never be intimidated by any French word again!
French for Antiquing 
Fun way to learn the basics of French pronunciation with an emphasis on words found on wine labels. Cultural explanations of wine vocabulary and background on French pronunciation. Never be intimidated by any French word again!
French Composition Workshop
Increase your writing skills in French through activities from a variety of prompts in a one or two-day workshop. Learn about the style of French composition through comparison of a variety of sample texts drawn from a variety of source materials. Suitable for many levels: must be able to put sentences together in French, which could be Advanced Beginner.    
Weekend d'Immersion 
Test your French skills by communicating only in French for a weekend. Begin Friday evening with a fun cultural activity to meet participants, then spend all Saturday and half of Sunday doing skits, games, songs and other cultural activities. You return home each night, but it's a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in only French for a few days. Suitable for all ages, should have at least an Intermediate level. Offered winter term. 
Semaine d'Immersion 
A fun week immersed in activities requiring you to use French. A different cultural focus each day, with games, songs, and skits to keep learning fun. Suitable for all ages, should have at least an Intermediate level. Offered in summer.
Cours Amey 014
Part of a typical French With Amey class: playing a game!