Cultural Classes  These classes are just a few sessions, designed to give you a different focus on French culture and language. A great opportunity for French-speaking and non-French-speaking friends to get together for a fun evening! These can be arranged in French or English, and can be scheduled for a small group of friends, two people or just one, if you really want to cover the material right now. THE ULTIMATE FRANCE PREP COURSE It's never too late or early to get ready for a trip to France. Learn some basic French to get along in any situation, plus get unique ideas for itineraries, lodging, dining, gifts, transportation and more. Valuable for both independent travel and guided tours.   FRENCH TRAVEL Q&A A great opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns about traveling to France, and get some unique tips to make your trip the best for you. FRENCH FOR FOODIES Say with confidence any French word you encounter in a book, menu or bottle! Focuses mainly on French pronunciation, but also discusses cuisine, wine vocabulary and expressions, etiquette in restaurants and at home, and differences between French and American cooking styles.   DRIVING IN FRANCE  To get around rural France, you can often get around easier with a car. It can always be a little intimidating driving in a foreign country, but this session will help you prepare for the experience. Practice identifying signs, typical situations, directions and getting around towns.   FRENCH FOR ANTIQUING Learn the correct pronunciation and meaning of common French words used in the world of antiquing. Also covers a little about French historical time periods to recognize important characteristics of different styles. plate of food with salad, chips and toast     Events at the French With Amey center are designed to give French speakers of all levels a chance to practice their language skills in a relaxed social environment. Anyone with an "intermediate" level French can participate in any of the events conducted in French. Space is limited, so you must register in advance. GAMES (SAMEDI EN JEUX / SOIREE EN JEUX)                                                                                                                                           Friday evening game nights and Saturday morning game days are a fun way to work on your French conversation, speaking and oral comprehension skills in a relaxed environment, while learning about French culture. Friday evening has a fun soirée-style atmosphere, and Saturday mornings have a coffee hour-style setting. Each session focuses on a different aspect of life in France, based on that time of year. Learn some new expressions and traditions, and meet other people studying French!  Open to anyone, but probably best for those at the low Intermediate (French 2 equivalent) level. Past events:  Le Débarquement en Normandie        Retrace the history and the route of what the French call Jour-J or the Débarquement; when the Allies landed on the Normandy beaches. La Fête de la Musique  Learn about popular French music, musicians, and composers from the 19th-century to today. Le Tour de France   Track the course of this year's Tour de France bike race, learn to decode the teams, jerseys, and tactics of bicycle racing and play a bicycle racing game.
La Lavande  Learn about lavender, the lavender industry, and the various parts of Provence and other regions around the world where lavender grows. Noël en Provence (December)
Christmas traditions from the South of France. Sing French Christmas carols, enjoy a bûche de Noël,  learn Christmas vocabulary in French.
Les Vendanges & the Beaujolais Nouveau  (October/November)
The Beaujolais Nouveau is a celebratory wine that always comes out in mid-November. Learn about the region and traditions associated with the wine around the world.
Le Tour de France   (July) 
Learn vocabulary, routes, and how to decode the many tactics, jerseys and teams of probably the most famous bike race in the world.
Ile-de-France     (April) 
Celebrate April in Paris and learn about the rich history and cultural diversity of Ile-de-France, the most densely-populated region of France.
Spring Classics   (April) 
Come learn about the spring bike races known as "the classics", and the regions where they take place in France and Belgium. Belgian treats and Belgian beer accompany the presentation.
Le Festival de Cannes & the Côte d'Azur    (May) An evening dedicated to the Côte d'Azur and the Cannes film festival. Learn the history of the region and the importance of the festival (who attends, the prizes, the categories, the jury and this year's selected films).
Fête de la Saint Jean    (June) 
June 24, the feast day of Saint Jean, is celebrated in Québec, Belgium and northern France with parties. Learn about the history of this fête and how traditions vary in Québec and Belgium.
Le Grand Magasin 
Way before Mr. Selfridge opened his grand department store in London, the first stores opened in Paris, forever changing fashion, retail culture and the way people shop. For more information about any of these events or to register: 
Phone: 541 746 1060  
Email:  Send a message through the contact page on this website.
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