Pratique:  (vocabulaire, exercices, projets) La Prononciation Les Objets Les Adjectifs La Maison  Les Numéros La Famille  Basic Verbs Les Questions  La Cuisine  Les Vêtements    map of France in full color   Bonjour! Welcome to the exciting journey of Beginning French. If you don't know anything but croissant and maybe bonjour (and you're not sure about correct pronunciation), you're an Absolute Beginner. This term was created by linguists to distinguish them from False Beginners: those with some previous French (even if only some travel tapes or French 101 40 years ago). Amey divides the Beginner category into three levels: BEGINNER Comfortable with a few words and some functional sentences and questions to get by in a very basic conversation. Emphasis on pronunciation, numbers, common vocabulary, asking and answering standard questions for normal conversations and travel situations. MID-BEGINNER Able to put simple sentences together, with limited vocabulary and verbs. Mostly comfortable with -ER verbs, but can use a few irregular verbs. Navigating with difficulty in the present and past. ADVANCED BEGINNER Able to put sentences together in the present, past and future tenses, slowly. Vocabulary on a variety of topics, but recalling the right word can be difficult. Getting more aware of irregular verbs and common grammar difficulties (adverbs, pronouns, etc.). Beginning classes range in scope, from a few sessions to a full term (8-10 sessions). If you don't have the time or interest in a long class, you may be interested in short classes (5-6 sessions) or themed soirées. Not all classes are offered every term, but Amey offers some type of Beginning class every term, so there is always some way to get started with the basics. Private classes can be arranged with 4-5 people. Activities are designed so that you can practice what you understand, and if you know other vocabulary or expressions, use them (but be prepared that your partner may not understand). Classes make great gifts! Amey can make you a gift certificate valuable for the class of your choice, valid for any term. Perfect for a Francophile (someone who loves all things French), someone planning a trip to France, getting ready for a credit class, or if you need a unique gift idea.

Beginning Classes  

BEGINNING FRENCH  (10 sessions)  The full-term class, once-a-week for ten weeks. Covers basic topics of vocabulary and grammar to participate in typical conversations for tourists and everyday use. Emphasis on both spoken and written French. Lots of practice in class to work on material covered. No homework, but practice outside class listening, speaking and writing is encouraged. Packet provided. INTENSIVE BEGINNING FRENCH   (8 sessions)  Same topics as the 10-session course, but condensed into 8 sessions (due to holidays or shortened scheduling). Pace is a little quicker than the longer class. REALLY INTENSIVE BEGINNING FRENCH  (5-6 sessions)  Highlights just the most important vocabulary for communicating in conversations common for both tourist situations and daily life. Outside practice is definitely encouraged, as there are so few sessions. Emphasis on both spoken and written French, with activities to practice speaking and listening comprehension in real-life contexts. WINE LABEL FRENCH   (1-3 sessions)      A fun way to learn some French: focus on wine!  V0cabulary and pronunciation for common French wines, regions and other terminology.  Includes French wine etiquette and traditions, as well as useful expressions for ordering and tasting. Strong emphasis on basic French pronunciation, with the goal that you'll be able to confidently say any French name or word, whether it's on a wine bottle or a menu! RESTAURANT MENU FRENCH   (1-2 sessions)     Designed to make French restaurant menus seem less daunting, this fun class focuses on vocabulary commonly found in the culinary world. An emphasis on French pronunciation so you can correctly order and say what you want, and an extensive vocabulary list so you know what you wand and don't want to order! Includes regional cuisine and food etiquette both in restaurants and private homes. A REVIEW OF BEGINNING FRENCH   (1-4 sessions)  Offered in different formats, this class is designed to serve as a refresher of topics and vocabulary commonly covered in Beginning or French 1 classes. Class time is spent reviewing important grammar concepts and practicing structures through speaking, writing and oral comprehension exercises, with an emphasis on real-life contexts. A packet is provided with common vocabulary and verbs.