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Do you need some French for an upcoming trip ?  Do you want to refresh your skills ? Would you like to be able to speak with French friends and family ? You can take a weekly class in the evening or daytime, a short-term special focus class, or get some individual help. Think creatively; French lessons or a class make a great gift!  

Upcoming Activities



Thursdays  February 22-March 8     6-8pm        $45 Here's a great opportunity to learn basic pronunciation, a few words and phrases, and a little French culture! Perfect for someone who can't or doesn't want to commit a full term; this one is just 3 sessions! This class is through LCC and is held at the downtown center across from the Eugene Public Library. To register, call (541 463 6100) or visit the websiteClass will be cancelled if there are not at least 5 participants by February 16. 


Wednesdays  March 7-28     6-8pm        $50 Here's a great opportunity to learn basic pronunciation, a few words and phrases, and a little French culture! Perfect for someone who can't or doesn't want to commit a full term; this one is just 3 sessions! This class is at French With Amey. To register, call (541 746 1060) or send a message through the contact page. Class will be cancelled if there are not at least 3 participants by March 5.   

Winter 2018

Evening Classes

These short classes will give you a fun way to learn or practice some French this winter!   


Mondays Jan. 22-March 19    6-8pm   $105    (8 sessions) Brush up or refine your basic French skills. Practice important structures: basic regular and irregular verbs (present, past and future tenses) and essential vocabulary for daily interactions. Speaking, listening comprehension, songs, videos and games! This class is held at LCC Downtown (Mary Spilde Center), across from the Eugene Public Library on 10th Street. No class Feb. 19 (Presidents' Day). Register directly through LCC:


Thursdays  Feb. 22 -March 8    6-8pm   $45   (3 sessions) Fun and short class for foodies! Learn basic pronunciation of common French words seen on restaurant menus, in cookbooks and online. Impress friends and family with your knowledge of la magnifique cuisine française. This is not a cooking class, but a brief and fun examination of French food and culture. This class is held at LCC downtown (Mary Spilde Center), across fro the Eugene Public Library on 10th Street. No class Feb. 19 (Presidents' Day.) Register directly through LCC: 

Daytime Classes

Build your speaking and listening comprehension skills while reviewing essential grammatical structures and vocabulary. Songs, short readings, games and more. These classes are at French With Amey, in the Island Park office complex in downtown Springfield, between A & B streets off Mill. More details about each class when you click on the title. You can join a class mid-session; contact Amey. These same classes will continue Spring term. 


The Mid-Beginner level focuses on simple conversation covering daily conversation in present, past and future tenses. Short reading and listening comprehension activities during class.     Tuesdays 10:30-noon   Jan. 9-March 27              


The Intermediate level works on more difficult structures in present, past and future tenses. Short reading passages and listening comprehension activities during class. MONDAYS & THURSDAYS   10-11:30    Jan. 8-March 22   MONDAYS  12:45-2:15    Jan. 8-March 26   TUESDAYS  2-3:30     weekly; $18/session     FRIDAYS 10-12       Jan. 5-March 23 


Tuesdays  8:30-10   Jan. 9-March 13 This class is through River Road park district and is held at Emerald Park in North Eugene. If you are able to participate in a conversation but need practice, this is the right level for you! Register directly through River Road: River Road Park  


lundi/jeudi 10h

lundi 12h45

mardi 10h30

mercredi 13h

vendredi 10h

histoire française  

la télé en français 

la radio française (France Culture)

Beginning / Débutant

Mid-Beginner  / Mi-Débutant 

What's my level ?

Private tutoring / individual sessions 

Cultural Classes 


TACIFF-color-vert-v2-Small   This past Spring, the Archaeology Channel festival held in Eugene showed many films related to France. Click on the titles to watch the trailers for each film. Fatal Alchemy Chambord: The Castle, the King & the Architect The Enigma of the Great Menhir The Grand Masters of the Chauvet Cave The Bridge Recovered Gyptis: A Greco-Massalian Boat (6th century BC)        

Schedule your own class! 

For 2 people:   1 hr = $36     1.5 hrs = $45     2hrs = $60 For 3 or more:  1.5 hrs = $15/person    2hrs = $20/person                                     Grab a friend and let's have fun with French! Classes can be organized on any topic. Some popular suggestions:  TRIP PLANNING  Set up a consultation with Amey to discuss your trip and any questions you have. Amey has many resources and can direct you to hidden gems to help make your trip memorable, unique and thoroughly enjoyable, whether you are traveling by yourself or on a tour. Rates as listed above. FOOD FRENCH  Do you love French food ? Want to learn correct pronunciation for those difficult words you see in restaurants and in recipes ? Bring your own food for a fun party-like atmosphere! Not focused on food preparation. FRENCH FOR FUN  Introduction to French pronunciation & common words from many contexts: food, fashion, travel, crossword puzzles, history, antiquing, etc. A fun way to learn some French without taking a "language class". Suitable for any age! Rates as listed above. JUST THE BASICS Get the most essential phrases or some specific sentences/questions you would like to be able to ask. Rates as listed above.

Want to sign up?

Send a message through the contact page with your name and the event you'd like to attend. The French With Amey Center is in downtown Springfield, off Mill St. between A & B, right next to Island Park. It is easily accessible by car, bus or bike. See below for complete directions. 

Need to work on your own ?

If you prefer to work at your own pace or the evening language classes don't fit your schedule, you can take Amey's individualized program. Offered at three levels: Débutant, Mi-Débutant, Intermédiaire. Includes course packet with text and workbook, access to online flashcards, quizzes and listening activities for practice. Includes projects, assessment and feedback from Amey on completed work throughout course. $150 per course. No time limit for completion. Amey believes everyone can speak French, no matter your age, time restraints, personality, or other perceived limitations. Studying with her develops your speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing skills through a variety of fun activities both in and out of class. If you're looking for some practice exercises, there are many organized by level and subject directly in this website. There are also a few more on the blog, along with articles on cultural topics.

Not sure where you fit language-wise ?

Find out what's covered in different classes:  What's My Level ?

Where do I go ?

The French With Amey center is in the Island Park office complex in Springfield (building E), just blocks from the bus station, and with easy access by EMX, bike or car. All buildings in the complex have the same address: 175 W. B St. The easiest access is from A street off Mill, which leads directly into the parking lot. There is ample parking and the complex is located next to a park. There is limited space, so you have to sign up in advance ( at least two days before event). Payment by cash or check, in full or partial for term. Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before scheduled start time. About Amey Amey Herman has a B.A. in French and a Master's in foreign language education. She studied in Avignon for an academic year in full immersion. She taught English at a French business school near Lille.  She has experience teaching all ages: students in elementary, middle and high school, college, and adults, and has worked with students of all abilities from many backgrounds. Amey also plays music! She plays violin in a classical setting with the Eugene Community Orchestra and various chamber ensembles, and traditional music with her partner Doug Heydon. If you would like to know more about Amey's albums and upcoming performances, visit the D'n'A site: Our D'n'A Music